in Andalusia

12. - 19. August 2018

Acrobatics · Nature · Relaxation · Quiet





The workshop


The workshop will be led by Fons from Holland. With fun and elan he will teach us both basic and advanced acrobatic techniques and figures.

The small group makes it possible for Fon's to provide constant support, offering us precise assistance and corrections as well as a sense of accomplishment.

And the most important: It's a lot of fun!


This workshop is suitable for participants with either basic or advanced acrobatic experience.

Usual daily schedule

If you like you can start the day with Isas Yoga on the stage.

After a rich breakfast, there are usually 5-6 hours workshop interrupted by a long lunch break for eating, bathing, lying in the sun, walking, ..... and in the evening there is a warm vegetarian dinner.

Thursday afternoon is free. Usually we make an excursion throught the valley to Pitres..

Number of participants: 9 - 17


Since many years every morning Isa offers yoga for everybody on the stage. It is a very personal fluent form of yoga, which often contains elements from the Qi-Gong.